Ja Bom

Half-Orc Barbarian, Folk Hero


Ja Bom (pronounced Jaa-bomb) of the little known clan Bom was born of a human mother and orc father. He knows not of his mother as he was cast out of his village when he was an infant once it was clear he was “part monster”. Luckily his father (Farth, current head of clan Bom) is a somewhat civilized orc and took him in and taught him the ways of the Orc.

Farth ultimately knew Ja could not fit into normal Orc society but had a strong bond with his son, so he made sure Ja was versed in human ways as well (this progressive thinking might be why Clan Bom isn’t that tight with other clans). This knowledge allows Ja to feel somewhat comfortable in the company of human and orc alike, giving him a tolerance of most races (both Ja and his father have an unexplainable dislike for trolls).

Ja spent most of his life living off the land and fighting as a mercenary here and there. With the right clothes he could pass as a human and spent time honing his fighting skills as a gladiator as well.

to be continued

Also, total butt.


Ja Bom

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