(Thanks to the all-inclusive nature of the D&D multiverse, the gods of Aert are quite varied. There can be a mix of other settings, real mythologies, and original creations.)

The sun god Pelor (Neutral Good) is worshiped by many in the Terathi Empire and beyond. His popularity is mostly attributed to the Shrine of Redea, commemorating a saint who was martyred in Pelor’s name centuries ago. Dawnlord Argo, who sits on the ruling council in Valcetor as the Voice of the Heavens, is also the head of Pelor’s church.

Rao, a minor Lawful Good god of peace and knowledge, has a small following among peaceful sages.

Sehanine (Chaotic Good), the Elven moon goddess, has gained a growing following in Valcetor as Emperor Tavanos has claimed himself to be her Chosen Voice on Aert.

Scorn (Chaotic Neutral) and Sunder (Lawful Neutral) are twin gods of war, with Sunder representing the actions performed in warfare and Scorn embodying the drive and emotion behind it.

Bahamut (Lawful Good) is the god of justice and good-aligned dragons. Lord Eric Blackstorm, the Voice of the People on Valcetor’s ruling council, is a devotee of the Platinum Dragon.

The queen of evil dragons, Tiamat (Lawful Evil) is worshiped by predominantly by kobolds, but cultists of other races are not unheard of.

Maglubiyet is the Lawful Evil god of all Goblinoid races.

Gruumsh is the Chaotic Evil god of Orcs.

The God of Nature (Neutral) is an ancient primordial force who is said to exist in all natural things. No one knows its true name, but it goes by many. The Eldest Mountain, The Verdant Spring, and The Tall Oak are among the most common. Even among the gods, it is detached and aloof.

Kaisera is a Neutral goddess worshiped by doctors and healers. Her services are available to all, provided they are willing to pay.

All but forgotten by the world, the Witch Queen Maeve (Neutral Evil), is acknowledged among only the most superstitious folk in the most inhospitable reaches of the far north.

And somewhere in the deep the Chaotic Evil Thunder Squid lurks, waiting…

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